What Sellers Need to Know about their Home’s Listing Photos

What Sellers Need to Know about their Home’s Listing Photos


Hello again! John Cordeira here. This week, I want to talk to you sellers about your house’s glamour shots. Your listing determines your potential buyers’ first impressions of your house, and the photos play a significant role in it. According to Redfin, listings that have professional-grade photos average 61% more page views than other homes and have a 47% higher asking price per square meter. Well-done photos can make the difference between selling for less than your asking price and selling for even more than your asking price.

Home Photo Shoot 101


The good news for you is that, as the realtor, I take care of finding, hiring, and paying for the professional photos. That means all you have to worry about is making your home photo shoot-ready. We normally schedule the photo shoot after you’ve signed the listing agreement. I make sure my clients have the time they need to prepare their home for the photo shoot.


As your realtor, I want your home to look as good in these photos as you do, so I find the best of the best photographers. Sometimes I even hire a drone photographer to get aerial photos and videos or to do a video tour of the house. (Watch video footage of one of my previously listed homes here.)


The photos need to be an accurate reflection of the house. We don’t excessively edit the photos to make them portray a completely different version of the home. Instead, we try to capture its true form in the best light possible. This helps attract the right potential buyers and weed out the ones who are looking for something different.


Getting Your House Ready for Its Glamor Shots

Here are a handful of tips for making your house look its best for photo day.


  • Remove items from the shower
  • Open all blinds and curtains
  • Turn on all the lights
  • Make all the beds
  • Hide smaller items, furniture, or knick-knacks as much as possible
  • Organize furniture to display as much space as possible
  • Remove items from refrigerator door and sides
  • Remove floor mats and runners
  • Remove family photos and other items you don’t want photographed
  • Set dining room table and include a centerpiece
  • Clean all your mirrors
  • Close the toilet lids
  • Remove dishes from the sink
  • Put all shoes in closets
  • Turn off all TVs and other screens


  • Paint exterior where needed
  • Remove vehicles from driveway
  • Hide garbage can
  • Hide toys, hoses, and appliances as much as possible
  • Close garage doors
  • Mow the lawn
  • Freshen up your landscaping


Wrapping Up

Once the photographers arrive, make sure no one is moving through the house during the photo shoot. You don’t want little Suzy showing up in one of your listing photos!


One last thing before I go. If you’re reading this but haven’t officially put your house on the market yet, you can request a free home value report to help you choose an asking price. I’ll even bring it to you in person so you can ask any questions you may have about it or about selling your home. Request this free report here.

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