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Massapequa living includes many nature opportunities; running or Biking the Parks and Homes of Massapequa is an adventure. Massapequa Preserve has great trails that range from the South Shore to North Shore Towns. It was a decent run, I entered the Massapequa Preserve through the Mansfield Park Massapequa Park entrance at the furthest West point of Walker Street Massapequa Park. I floated through Mansfield Park Massapequa Park and continued following Massapequa Parks running trail North in the direction of Bethpage State Park. After exiting Mansfield Park Massapequa Park, seen in video below, I ran over 2 bridges Southern State Parkway and the Southern State Parkway entrance to Bethpage State Parkway. North of Mansfield Park Massapequa Park these few bridges begin more hilly terrain as the trail runs to the Bethpage State Park. If you are training for the Long Island Marathon or a local bike tour this is a good consistent training run without many distractions. Mansfield Park Massapequa Park is centrally located and is easy to get to by foot or car. Mansfield Park Massapequa Park is a nice detour when running, biking or walking the Massapequa Preserve Nature Trails. Throughout the warmer seasons many events take place in Mansfield Park Massapequa Preserve, children sporting event, community runs and one of my personal favorite the traditional firework show that the entire town watches.

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