Long Island Specialty Home Search

Throughout my time as a realtor, I’ve assisted many consumers with finding their dream home. Most of the time finding this dream home was not as straight forward as it may seem. A home shoppers search parameters usually get specific like open floor plan, fenced-in yard, only hardwood floors, no wallpaper, waterfront property, 10 miles to NYC, specific sub-community, and the list goes on. Yes, the Realtor should preview homes to ensure it’s what the buyer is looking for but before then it would make life a little easier if we can include these specific parameters as we search.

The purpose of this page is to display the specific home searches I’ve compiled to make home searching a little easier for everyone. Below is a progressive list of home finders with the different parameters I’ve encountered through my career as a realtor. As time goes on I will add new searches that pop to mind.


Specialty Home Searches


Waterfront Home searches of Long Island