8 signs a home buyer isn’t serious

We learn something new everyday in this home selling and buying business, check out the 8 signs a home buyer is not interested.

If all those excited homebuyer declarations like “This place is just perfect for us” and “I have to have it!” were binding, selling houses would be a breeze. But, as with everything in life, it’s not what people say, it’s what they do that really matters.

Still, it’s hard for home sellers to not get their hopes up when a buyer’s gushing over their home—only to be disappointed when the buyer disappears without a peep.

So what are some signs a buyer isn’t serious about your home?

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Sign No. 1: The buyer is flying solo

Sign No. 2: The buyer just began shopping

Sign No. 3: You meet the buyer at an open house

Sign No. 4: No pre-approval from a lender

Sign No. 5: A speedy visit

Sign No. 6: All promises, no action

Sign No. 7: A (really) lowball offer

Sign No. 8: Lots of nitpicking

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