Luxury Waterfront Homes of Long Island

Luxury Waterfront Homes of Long Island

The most luxurious waterfront homes of Long Island are located in Nassau and Suffolk County. These luxury waterfront homes of Long Island are lining the South Shore as well as the North Shore(The Gold Coast). These desired waterfront homes are located in towns such as Oceanside,  Massapequa, Biltmore Shores, Harbour Green, Old Harbour Green, Bar Harbour, Babylon, Montauk.  As well as North Shore communities Kings Point, Great Neck, Lloyd Neck, Eatons Neck, Huntington Harbour, Sound Beach, Southhold

Buyers fall in love with these local waterfront properties for many reasons

These stunning luxury waterfront properties sell on a regular basis, sometimes rather fast. Being in the Real Estate business I see these homes on a regular basis when I’m touring with buyer clients. Most times my waterfront buyer clients tend to be avid boaters, therefore, they are willing to take risks associated with owning a luxury waterfront home of Long Island.  Sometimes a buyer may weigh the risk of owning a waterfront home over the reward of owning a home on the water.

The main risks of owning a home on the waterfront homes of Long Island

The obvious risk is flooding during storms and or higher tide levels, like king tide.  That being said most, if not all homeowners living on or near the water should get flood insurance to protect their home, assets, personal belonging, and property from water intrusion. If a buyer is taking out a mortgage loan most, if not all mortgage lenders will require flood insurance to offset the risk. For more info on flood insurance requirements please visit the FEMA website.

What lures buyer consumers to purchase these luxury waterfront homes of Long Island

It’s not only the quality of these diamond luxury waterfront homes of Long Island that captures most consumers.  It is the unbelievable breathtaking views many of these waterfront homes naturally display that catches buyers attention as well as my own.

We live on this incredible island with so much to do with these incredible waterfront sights to capture. One is more magnificent than another in a different way.  Different home on a different Long Island peninsula, either sun is setting or the sun is rising each and every moment is a unique scene, a unique moment of time.

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